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Graphic Designer &
Fullstack Web/App Developer. Tech Lead at NATHAN ICT (Programming Group) &
Tutor at National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) KOGI STATE UNIVERSITY CHAPTER (Anyigba).

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I am a multi-discipline Web and Application Developer who enjoys Sovling Problems of all shapes and sizes.

I create Applications that stand out in today’s overstimulated world. I use my skill set to study your company culture while strategizing about what you want the audience to think when they see it again in some other capacity.

Ultimately creating Applications with an intelligent tone which bridges that gap between business and consumer interaction for both parties involved.

My Portfolio

My Experience

Web Dev. Tutor

(2021 - present)

After three years of working at a Computer Hardware Maintenance and Repair, I was privilege to become a Fullstack Web Development Tutor at National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) (in KSU, Anyigba, Kogi State). Our design group works with clients including KSU Directorate for Research and Innovation and Computer Science Department KSU.



Looking for a Way to Impact, I joined Students Unionism and Became the ICT Director of Nigeria Association Of Computing Students KSU Chapter. My role focused on helping students acquire Programming knowledge, define their strategic needs and requirements to achieve an elegant end result that stands out among competitors' work.

Lead Designer

(2021 - present)

I have always loved the idea of being in charge of a design team, so I joined Success Coding Club as a lead designer where we worked on amazing campaigns including the branding and advert assets for projectandthesis.com.

Graphic Designer


After finishing my Secondary School, I joined FOTO-BEST (a Photo Lab. in Kogi) in 2012 and worked on diffrent graphic work in Anyigba, in 2014 was transferred to Idah Branch where I became the Assitant Manager, I was then later transferred to Orlu, Orlu Local Goverment, Imo in 2017,2017 DEC, I resigned as an Assitant Manager to Further my Education.

My Skills


UI/UX Design



Backend Development

Android Development