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Building amazing SaaS websites.

We offer package solutions to help fast-growing SaaS
companies scale up their website in line with their
expanding workforce and customer base.

Brand Identities that last.

Via educated strategies and standout visual identity
design, we can expand your digital reach and help you
create lasting bonds with your customers.

Systemic design for everyday products.

We may redesign current digital goods or create brand-new ones from scratch to meet changing customer needs and an expanding user base. We create and implement user-friendly, human-centric experiences using substantial research, data, and insights.

Our capabilities.

-- Lots of projects we've helped lauch through the years.
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- Findings and opportunities
- Brand strategy
- Identity development
- Digital and print collateral
- Brand guidelines
- Web Developments
- Logo/Banner Creation

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Project We Have Handled This Year

These are few out of the Project we have worked on as Some of our Project were private Projects

some of our private projects includes: ponzi schemes and More

Staff Info. System
25 Nov.
Staff Information Systems Launched On: 25th Nov. 2022
  1. The System Keeps Records of All Staff in the Organization
  2. Manage The Staff Attendance using Biometric Verification System
  3. Export Staff Attendance/personal Details as PDF/Excel Documents
Exam Management System
10 Oct
E-Exam Management System. Launched On: 10th Oct. 2022
  1. The System Manage Examinations with high level of Security
  2. These System Allow Batch uploading of Exam Questions
  3. Theses System also Allow the input of C.A/Test Score and help sum up Scores before providing the Results
Church Site
13 Jan
Online Church Management System Launched On: 13th Jan. 2022
  1. Helps in Managing the Affears of a Church Online
  2. Helps in Providing a Donation System for the Church
  3. The Activities of the System includes: Videos Uploading, Audio Records Uploading, Live Screaming and Events Management

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What We Do


Our services are created with your needs in mind.

Web Development

We'll construct a solution that is grounded on knowledge. Web3 Project, cryptocurrency trading platforms, school portals, churches, government agencies, etc.

Software Development

Within Moments, your software problems will be addressed. There is a new breed of professionals that can do the greatest task on schedule.

Graphics, Web & Apps Prototype, Logos & Banner Design

You may manage representing your thoughts in detailed visual representation with the aid of our creative and design departments.

Offline/Online Training

No matter what you want to study and how much, you can rely on Nathan~ICT to get you there. There are courses offered in mobile app development, content management systems (such as WordPress, Joomla, shopify, etc.), machine learning, web3 development, prototyping, writing content, website development, and graphics design.

App Development

On any given platform, if you need either a computer-based app or a mobile app. Get an Application that you will like using, one with a strong basis and superior UI/UX. You Can Always Count on us.

Computer Hardware Maintainance

Having been around for over 7 years, we are always available to provide a Solution to your Computer Hardware Issues.

Solar/Inverter Installation/Maintainance

We have an opportunity to offer a better solution for your 247 light requirements because we have more than 3 Years of experience in solar and inverter making/installations..